LIGHTS, Camera, Action…


One of the most overlooked decor elements when it comes to planning a wedding is lighting. Wedding lighting can and does completely transform any venue from ordinary to extraordinary and make everything look even more beautiful on your big day.

When it comes to lighting, it is known to have a very powerful impact on the overall look and feel of your event space as well as the mood of your guests all at a reasonable price. Outdoor weddings especially, need to put a bigger focus on the lighting aspect. It gets dark quick, and so much time is spent on decor and finishing’s wouldn’t it be nice if the guests could view all characteristics of your wedding from day to night.

The proper wedding lighting not only enhances the look of your venue, it also highlights the important elements of your decor, like the centerpieces, or makes certain areas of the room focal points, like the dance floor, head table or possible stonework. The lighting will allow these focal points to remain important even when the natural lighting of the day disappears.

Photographers love wedding lighting because it gives them additional visual elements to use in their pictures and makes for beautiful wedding photos. Keep in mind, lighting is not overly expensive, can easily be added to an order which will just enhance everything already there.

We Offer:

  • Sheppard’s Hooks with LED Lanterns; these are great for lighting up around a pond area or using them to light a path.
  • Up-Lighting Fixtures which are placed on the ground and shine upwards to feature a specific decor item or area that you would like to have showcased.
  • Romantic Globe String Lights which are supported by Wine Barrels; these can be installed anywhere (indoor or out). This will brighten up any area, and are a great way to incorporate lighting into your event or wedding without making permanent changes to a venue. These lighting fixtures are also our featured decor item for 2017.


We specialize in Wedding and Event Lighting. Let us Light your Love, and your Event.