Item Feature – Dressers


The term “shabby chic” is one of many from a long list of trendy wedding descriptors including “rustic,” “country,” “vintage” and many more. Whatever the name of choice might be, though, the hallmark of this style is the mixture of the natural and casual with the clean and modern. The shabby chic wedding takes a bit of pressure off the idea that everything needs to be perfectly polished. The point is to go for this with a very mix-and-match, DIY approach. With that being said one very common, easy and fun way to incorporate the ideas mentioned above is to bring vintage indoor furniture outside or add a vintage feel to the space with the introduction of a timeless wood piece. Use it to hold your card box or guest book, or have it function as a dessert table, or even a fun lemonade stands as seen in the photos below.


We offer dressers, tables and desks in all different shapes and sizes. Consider using these items at your next event, be creative and let us know how these décor items will add to your special day.