Hand Crafted with Love – Harvest Tables

Harvest tables by definition are a minimum of 6 feet long, usually narrow, and are made from different forms of wood.

We would like to mention that not all harvest tables are treated or even created equally. Our Harvest tables are made from reclaimed lumbar and have custom turned legs. They are designed the same as a Harvest tables that you would purchase for your own home. Most portable Harvest tables end up having pressure foot legs or folding legs that leave the tables clumsy, and less stable. Our custom-made Harvest tables are stable and reliable because of their design and will look like one you have purchased for a long-time use.

We do in fact sell our Harvest tables, but if you are only looking to rent there need be no fear; our Harvest tables will not let you down.

Remember do your research when looking to rent Harvest tables, no two tables are made the same, not all are hand crafted and made to last.