Baby its Cold Outside…


“If you are cold at night, let the promise of my LOVE cover you like a warm blanket”.

As the nights become longer and colder your love doesn’t have to. Our season isn’t over yet and were so excited to show off such an awesome idea for a fall wedding. Even though the days are warm, the nights are chilly; and there is nothing sadder then having guests leave your event because they were cold. Keep this in mind for future weddings that run into the wee hours off the night. You provide the blankets and well think of something unique to write on the chalkboard for you so everyone knows being cold won’t be an issue. You can also never go wrong with a late night hot chocolate bar, renting a harvest table would be a great thing to have to put all of your needed hot chocolate toppings.

Fall is in full swing but so are we, and as October is coming to an end these blankets might not even be a bad idea for a November wedding.